#AussieLight – Put a spring in your spring! Tell us how would you lighten up your life?

I love Aussie products! I’ve used them since I found them when I was 16. Every time I use them, they leave my hair feeling softer than something that is really, really, really soft – and even better, they make my hair smell fantastic! Smelling fantastic is not something that people normally look for in a hair product, but for me, it’s a massive selling point. I even had a friend who used to stand behind me sniffing my hair and telling me it was nice. It was slightly scary! When I heard about the Aussie competition I thought it would be quite fun, any excuse to buy balloons! :p

So…“Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight”

I think to lighten up my life I am going to fix my scary thick hair and embrace the world of volume! I have been straightening my hair forever and since I’ve been growing it, it just looks a bit flat and lifeless!  I’ve even started drying my hair upside-down to give it even move volume. First I tried hanging upside-down from the ceiling, but then I discovered that I could just tilt my head upside-down to get the same result. :P I’m also considering dying my purple bits pink, to be perhaps a bit lighter and brighter for Spring, or maybe I should do something really scary and go a natural colour! :o

My favourite Aussie product is 3 Minute Miracle because I’m pretty mean with straightening my hair. Quite simply, I have no idea what I would do without it. Sometimes I used Colour-Mate because I dye my hair quite regularly. At other times I switch to Miracle Moist because I straighten my hair every day and I feel like it needs a bit of moisture! With all the different types of Aussie products, my bathroom looks like it has been invaded by (tiny) (purple) kangaroos. Either that or it looks like I have set up a shrine to a kangaroo god!

I also love hair accessories! It’s annoying to wear them in winter when the wind is trashing any attempt to style my hair! But now the wind is dying down it’s time to bring back the bright accessories! Butterflies are a definite winner! Having longer hair will mean I will have many more places to fit accessories. What I’d really like to do is get a few small kangaroos in there if I could! I love those little guys :)

I tried to give myself lighter hair with the help of balloons like with the new Aussie kangaroo, but it wasn’t giving the desired effect! I also need a haircut, my fringe won’t sit right atm!

and I couldn’t buy and blow up balloons without messing around! My cat was not impressed. It was the first time he had ever seen balloons and he’s now hiding under the bed, such a scaredy cat! :)

Also to lighten up my life for the Springtime I have dug out my bright summer make up! I love the Topshop crayons, they are bright and glittery, perfect for Spring and Summer!

Finally, I had an attempt at making cute kangaroo nails, but it was awful! Fine nail art is not a talent of mine! However, I did Photoshop what I wanted it to be, but I wouldn’t even show you a picture of the wreck my attempt turned out as! :s I wish I could get them to be as neat as this!

This is a doctored picture, I could never paint this well! :P

I know the info for the competition was posted on a lot of blogs, but if you missed it the information is here :D

I had a fun start to my weekend playing with balloons and make up, I hope you all had a lovely day too! xxxx

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