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GlossyBox June featuring OPI Designer Series Extravagance

This is a late review I know, I’ve already had my dispatch email for this months box! I was distracted by stuff, better late than never!

BioEffect EGF Serum – The super serum from Iceland. I hadn’t heard of this before, so when I received my box I just slopped some of this on when I got out the shower. You only need a few drops, but my skin felt really nice, even straight after applying it, so I looked it up online. When I found out that the sample alone is £8 and a BioEffect full sized bottle (15ml – hardly what I’d call full size!) is £125, is was a bit shocked and didn’t want to like it! However, it did leave my skin feeling plumped up (if that makes any sense) and it looked quite radiant, which my skin doesn’t really ever look. After researching it I also realised it’s best to apply it at night, but I apply a Benzoyl Peroxide gel at night so I haven’t been using the BioEffect. If I don’t use the Benzoyl Peroxide I turn into a painful, giant spot face, and I didn’t want to risk that! :S I don’t apply much of the BioEffect serum and I concentrate around my eyes as I’ve read that it can be good for dark circles, and I have quite severe dark circles. I’m not sure if it has reduced my dark circles, but my skin is much nicer and clearer around my eyes. The colour seems more even and I no longer have any combination skin around my eyes where it is dry and oily at the same time! I quite like using this just as an eye serum, at least it will last longer that way! :P I cannot afford to repurchase this, but if I had money to burn I think I would.

Batiste Original – Ahh, the box booby prize. I never use dry shampoo and the times I have tried it I can only really use the one for dark hair, the original makes me look like I had a fight with the baby powder bottle :P

Perles de Lalique – A perfume. Now, I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about perfume. I have two I like, Chloé, which is quite a fresh, flowery smell and my Litchi Milk Tea perfume oil from Haus of Gloi, which is very sickly sweet and I love it. This perfume smells like perfumes counters. It’s nice, but not special or different. I have been using it, it’s definitely nice, but I wouldn’t repurchase, I like what I already use.

Mama Mio Omega Body Buff – Again this is a really nice product, but for £23 for a full sized bottle, it’s not worth it for me. You apply it to dry skin before you shower and it contained ground up pumice stone. It’s a nice scrub, it smells lovely and left my skin smooth and soft, but most scrubs do and you can get them for a little cheaper! :P

Lastly, my favourite part of the box!

OPI DS Extravagance - The Designer Series have a “diamond dazzle”, it’s not a pure holographic polish, but it sure is pretty with it’s scattered holographic effect! I really like this and I actually bought a full size one (Tapestry) of these from Selfridges as a birthday pressie to myself. The whole range is gorgeous it was hard to pick just one. They look amazing in the sunshine and they are a pleasure to apply. These pictures show two coats and I didn’t even need to clean up my nails after application, the formula and the brush made it really easy to apply. The last picture is taken with the flash to show how sparkly the polish is.

So there you go, just in time before the July box arrives. I do like the GlossyBox idea, but as soon as they start charging postage I will probably abandon ship. I’m happy to pay £10 a month for a box of goodies and I enjoy trying out new things, but I wouldn’t pay more than £10- they are samples after all. I’m still looking forward to the next box though :)

Hope everyone is having better weather than I’ve had here all week. I have to packed a rucksack with clothes for all seasons when I walk into work! It’s raining, hot, sunny, windy, thunderstorms and even hail one day! I graduate next Thursday, so I hope the weather is nice to me that day. I’m not sure how I will cope with heels, a giant black cloak and a silly hat if it’s windy and rainy outside! Comedy photos at least :P xxxx

Lumos High Speed Top Coat

Finally I get around to posting my review on this! First my top coat history. I’ve tried most cheap drug store top coats, 17, Models Own, No7, Collection 2000 and a Sally Hansen, but I can’t remember which ones now, I think one was the diamond shine one. They were all fine, but didn’t dry very quickly and often bubbled my polish after a few weeks of use. I finally picked up a quick drying top coat as drying time is the priority for me due to clumsiness! I first tried Essie Good To Go. It was definitely fast drying, very shiny and I was happy with it until it became “the amazing shrinkage top coat” after a few months! Then, I had a big strop and threw all of my top coats out. I realise now I should have tried a thinner one before I got a strop on and threw them out, but I’ll know for the future! :) I didn’t use a top coat for a few months and I was surprised how shiny some polishes are even without a top coat, especially OPI polishes, but I couldn’t really wear glitter polishes without a top coat, they were scratchy and very slow drying.

So I kept my eye out for good top coat reviews and saw Charlotte from Lipglossiping review Lumos base and top coat. She really liked it and said that there were mini bottles for £3.50 including postage on eBay so I thought I’d give it a try. They are still there if you want to grab one yourself (Lumos mini eBay). Most quick drying top coats are around the £8 mark, so a mini bottle to try out sounded great and if it wasn’t so good I won’t have lost to much money on it. The bottle is so small and cute!

Aww, look how cute it looks next to the other polish bottles!

The bottle may be a tiny amount (around 4ml), but it lasts for ages! I’ve just reached the end of the bottle after 6 weeks and I’ve used it about every two days. For the last quarter of the bottle the brush didn’t reach the bottom when I dipped it in. When you screw the lid on it almost does, but I don’t want to screw the lid on every time I want to do another nail! I don’t think this problem would occur in a full sized bottle, it’s just a tester bottle after all. That is the only negative thing I have to say about this top coat.

As for the positives. It isn’t at all thick when you apply it, it’s quite running, which I like. Essie Good To Go annoyed me sometimes because it was quite thick and used to drag my polish if it wasn’t dry enough, especially with a glitter polish. This would lead to the base of my nails being bare and my tips having too much glitter and it hanging over the edge of my nail so much that I had to file it back again! I probably should have left it longer to dry before putting my top coat on, but in comparison to the thinner Lumos top coat, it doesn’t drag at all even if the polish underneath isn’t quite dry.

Another positive is that it dries really quickly – so quickly that by the time I’ve painted both hands it’s already nearly dry. However, a negative to this is I can no longer use the excuse of  ’my nails are still drying’ to get out of chopping vegetables for dinner!

Lastly, a massive positive for me is that this polish has not changed in the time I’ve been using it. It doesn’t show the slightest sign of getting thick and horrid. Nor has there been any shrinkage of my polish at all!

So to recap:


  • Super fast drying
  • Very shiny
  • Hardwearing
  • Not thick
  • No shrinkage when the polish has been used for awhile



  • I have the mini bottle and the brush does not reach the bottom so I’m having trouble using it when I get to the last quarter of the bottle.

I have just order the full size bottle and matching base coat. They are available on eBay for around £18 including postage for both of them, which I think is worthwhile seeing as the full size bottle are 15ml so it should last me more than three time as long.

Here are a few of my recent manicures using the Lumos top coat so you can see how it looks.

Have you tried Lumos? What did you think of it?  :) xxxx

Elemis FreshSkin Review

Lets play hide and seek!

I’m not here today, I’m somewhere else on the web. To large a place to search you say? Ok, I’ll just tell you. The lovely Charlotte invited me to review the new Elemis FreshSkin range so I’ve made a sneaky guest review over on Lipglossiping. I thank Charlotte so much for letting me review these! :)

I have my first exam tomorrow, so this is the last day of cramming information into my brain. I also have an exam the following morning, so it’s double revision day. Attachment theory and the social approaches to the sexual health of young people. At least I can take a break and watch The Sex Education Show and still be revising! :P

I’ll be back in the world of blogging on Wednesday, I’m having that day off before I tackle my revision for my last exam, woo! If you are having exams I hope it is all going well for you and I wish you luck! xxx


My GlossyBox arrived this morning just as I was leaving the house for my last university lecture! Double happy times! :) The GlossyBox was packed in a cute pink box and the goodies inside were all wrapped up with black tissue paper and pink ribbon, nice first impression.

Inside there were five products to play with, one being the infamous NARS Orgasm Illuminator.

For more pictures and chat about the products in the box I have continued after the break. I know there will be a lot of posts regarding this so I thought I’d spare you if you don’t want to read anymore :)

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Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Aussie Lighter Style Update

I thought I’d put my latest hair stuff all in one post, so as not to bore you repeatedly with it! :) Last week, before I went away, I received a new wig from the lovely people at Aussie. I didn’t have time to play, but I was excited to see myself as a blonde. It’s one of the few colours I have never properly tried. I have been blonde, but it was more of a honey blonde, never platinum/white blonde.

The wig is a longish bob cut, very similar in length to my current hair. It has a fringe which proved handy at hiding my dark eyebrows! I guess that I something I would have to bleach if I were to go blonde, I look a bit scary with dark eyebrows and blonde hair. I wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have such substantial eyebrows!

Here I am with the wig on, looking rather scary! I don’t think that light blonde suits my skin tone. I thought dark colours were meant to make you look more pale, but this wig seems to make me look a bit peaky! I whacked some (a lot) of the Eyeko MyCoral Crush blusher on and Sleek lipstick in Candy Cane to liven me up a bit!

I kinda like the blonde because it is so different for me, but I think it would be a nightmare to maintain. I’d have to toner it too death to keep away the yellow. Plus I blush quite a lot and when I was blonde before, whenever I blushed I looked like my head was going to explode! The blonde hair seemed to make my red cheeks look even redder! :s Ok, I have to put the wig away, I’m starting to like blonde and I don’t have time for that kind of upkeep and I’d have to change all my make up again. Stop tempting me blondeness!

The first reaction I had when I put the wig on was that the cut and colour were very similar to the ‘suicide blonde’ in the film ‘The Number 23′. I’m not obsessed with the number 23, nor am I going to jump off a building, but I like the hazy blonde look.

Although if I was to number the alphabet…Gemx = 7+5+13+24=49 and 4+9=13. Sparkle =19+16+1+18+11+12+5=82 and 8+2=10 FINALLY 13+10=23! :o

It was amusing how long it took me to fudge something to equal 23!

I really like The Number 23 as a film, so much so I saw it twice at the cinema, once with friends then I dragged my OH to see it. I like trashy films :)

(My Suicide Blonde look)

(The Suicide Blonde from The Number 23)

As much as the blonde is tempting, when I took the wig off I realised how much I suit and love my hair colour at the moment. Before I went to visit my family I ran out of my usual Special Effects Virgin Rose hair dye and the bottles I’d ordered didn’t arrive in time. So with my rather faded hair I nipped into town to hunt for a similar pink/purple dye, not wanting to face my family looking faded. I went to the alternative shops and found plenty of dye in the various shops which was fantastic! They didn’t have my usual Special Effects, but they did have some Manic Panic, I similar brand that I had heard good reviews about. I picked a colour close to what I thought my current dye was.

The colour I picked was Hot Hot Pink. The dye itself comes in a round pot instead of a squeezie paint type bottle Special Effects come in. It is much easier to get out of the pot than the squeezie bottle and the Manic Panic dye was slightly more watery, but it smelt identical. Because the dye was more watery it went further on my hair, so I needed less dye, which was quite good. I left it on for about an hour and washed it off, then for the moment of truth!

I was left with super pigmented and really soft and shiny hair! Best of all the colour lasted double that of my old dye. I didn’t realise until I looked at old pictures, but my new colour is much pinker and brighter. I think that’s why it seems to last longer because it is a lighter colour I don’t notice the fading from dark purple to pink as much. Hot Hot Pink seems too fade from pink to err…less pink? It doesn’t really change that much, it seems to loose intensity rather than fade to a lighter colour. Here is my new colour:

It might not seem that different. In fact I thought it was pretty much the same colour, but if you see the picture below of the last time I dyed my hair with the Special Effects Virgin Rose dye. It was much more purple before (see below) and now it is more pink.

(my hair previously – dyed with Special Effects Virgin Rose)

So what do you think? Blonde or dark and pink or dark and purple? I’m not sure which I prefer anymore! Aussie have booked me in to have my hair appointment in two weeks, so I will have to decide what I want to have done :)

Phew…that is a long post! Well done if you get to the bottom! To congratulate you I will tell you a secret…My blog has been going for a year! On May 5th last year I installed a WordPress blog during a break from exam revision stating I was going to make a beauty blog. I didn’t start blogging officially until the end of the month when my exams finished, but quite cool stuff! So I am planning a giveaway to celebrate. I’ve ordered some goodies and I will put up a post when I receive them :)

I hope you have all had a lovely week! Can’t believe it is Friday already! I will be slightly afk this week due to a wedding this weekend and my dissertation is due in next Thursday, so I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week to come! Think of me slaving away over a large document while you all enjoy yourselves! :P xxxx

Sleek True Colour Lipstick Coral Reef and Candy Cane

Final scheduled post! I am actually home now, but completely shattered! I’ll be back reading and commenting as soon as I’ve had enough sleep to function properly again! :)

Sleek have launched 20 new shades of their True Colour lipsticks, in two finishes, Sheen and Matte. I’d seen a number of swatches on blogs and they looked like quite fun and bright colours. I especially liked Coral Reef from swatches, I have a slight soft spot for orange toned lipsticks at the moment!

I had to go into town anyway to buy a suitcase and hair dye, strange combo I know, but it shows my priorities :P While I wandered towards the run down shopping centre where all the alternative shops are to search for a hair dye similar to the one I use normally, I spotted that the town centre has two Superdrugs, within about 2 minutes walk of each other. Very weird. But I thought I’d nip in anyway to save me from the pain for entering Boots on a Saturday! I spotted the Sleek stand with the new lipstick and all the tested were brand new, the stand will never look that nice and tidy again! There is currently an introductary offer on the lipsticks of 2 for £6, so I got busy swatching and picked out two colours.

I noticed that the sheen finish lipsticks seemed the swatch smoother and brighter than the matte finishes and I don’t normally like matte finishes so much anyway, so I picked up two sheen colours. The sheen finish is creamy and moisturising.

I knew I wanted to grab Coral Reef and I just picked my favourite swatch for the second colour, I picked Candy Cane. From the tubes the colours don’t look very different, you definitely have to swatch these colours to see what they look like.

(Candy Cane – Coral Reef)

These lipstick swatch really smoothly and feel really soft and moisturising. They are also very pigmented and these swatches were just how the colour came out after a swipe or two.

This is Coral Reef. It’s a lovely orange with a lovely sheen finish. It applies really nicely and it is super bright, but wearable. It has quite good lasting power, they pretty much last until you drink or eat. They need a little top up after that, but not a full re-application.

Next is Candy Cane. Seeing as I just picked this at random because it looked pretty on my hand in Superdrug, I absolutely love this. I think the name is perfect for it. It’s a happy, pinky/red colour, again with the lovely sheen. This one lasts well also and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this one. I can’t pull off bright pink lipsticks, I look a little scary, so this is a lovely pink/red, but it’s still a nice bright colour.

What do you think? Have you tried these yet or have your eye on any? Has anyone tried the matte ones? I am curious about them. I’m never sure about matte lipsticks, I find they show off my dry skin on my lips, never a good look! :)

Hope you’ve had a lovely week/easter weekend enjoying the lovely weather! Speak to you all soon xxxx


Aussie Lusciously Light Surprise

I’m away this week visiting my family, so I’ve been busy getting as much work as I could done before I went away. I should be gone the whole week. I don’t have computer access while I’m away so I’ve scheduled some posts, hopefully that works correctly for me! Before I went away I wanted to show you this crazy parcel I received.

I won the chance to be an honourary Aussie Angel for a little while and be involved in the community stuff. There was a choice to either go for a lusciously lighter self or a lighter style. I chose the style one, because of my dislike of most things healthy.

I ordered some new hair dye online the other day as I ran out…not that it arrived in time and I had to go search all the alternative shops in town anyway, but I did receive a dispatch email that I thought was the hair dye I’d ordered. The description was labelled as ‘wig’. I figured it was just a mistake or they just stick that on their instead of writing hair dye or something else. Also the shop I ordered from I thought might sell wigs…I dunno, I didn’t really think much of it. Anyway, the next day I get the delivery, open the box and find it was from Aussie and actually contained…a wig!

How strange and confusing seeing as I was expecting hair dye! The lovely people at Aussie also put in a bottle of the Lusciously Light Aussome Volume Conditioner and a handy tip. I only recently learned to do this to dry my fringe, up until recently I often ended up looking like Something Like Mary where I just blasted my fringe with the hairdryer :P

Apparently we are going to be sent hairstyles selected by Aussie and I am to ask you lovely people what you think. So here it is! It’s a short, dark bob with a fringe and fine red highlights. The cut is quite nice and is pretty much what I used to have, with it short at the back and longer towards my face. I like the colour and I have had it something similar in the past. Although the reason why I don’t have such dark colour anymore I quite obvious below! :P

Here is me looking very gothy/ill and slightly Vulcan/Romulan! I even have quite Romulan-esque large shoulders going on with my poofing shoulder dress!

It looked a bit better if I put the hair behind my ears. I just really feel like a Star Trek character (which isn’t necessarily bad btw!), just add a quick Vulcan/Romulan ear prop and I’m set! :D

Anyhoo, I’ve not had a straight fringe since I was a child, it seems really strange. I think I avoided it due to it looking greasy quite quickly if it’s on your face all day. Also, if it was my real hair it would never sit and behave as nicely as the wig does! :P

So what do you think? Is it scary and sci-fi? I think I should shave my head and live in wigs, I didn’t realise how awesome they are! Imagine getting to change your hair daily/hourly if you liked?! :)

Have a great week lovely people! See you all next week! :) xxxx

Beau xoxo Handmade Ladybird Hair Accessories

I saw recently that a lovely blogger that I follow - Dreams That Glitter – has a shop on Etsy called Beau xoxo. She makes lots of pretty hair accessories which she hand-makes herself. I picked up some goodies the other day and they arrived super speedily! I went for a bit of a ladybird theme as you can see and a free pink bow was thrown in as well! The packaging is really sweet and the hair accessories are really well made.

The ladybirds are red and glittery, but the glitter doesn’t come loose and get everywhere like some glittery hair accessories do, which is great!  The ladybirds are really sparkly in the sunshine and I love the ladybird ribbon on the corsage.

The corsage has a french barrette to clip it to your hair which is nice and secure and the hair clips are bobby pins that are tight/strong enough that they don’t keep slipping out of your hair. I always get annoyed if I have to keep re-positioning bobby pins all day, but these happily stayed where I put them. Well, until I tried to scalp myself when I got my sunglasses tangled in my hair, but that was my clumsy fault :P

I have a lot of hair accessories, it’s not very often that I don’t have something clipped to my head, unless it’s really windy outside. I really love these clips, especially the corsages because they are quite unique and you can use them in lots of different hair styles.

There are lots of different, cute hair accessories on the Etsy shop and I think Dreams That Glitter is thinking of adding wire headbands too in different pretty fabrics, which would be lovely :)

Are you a fan of hair accessories? :) xxxx

Haus of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea Sugar Exfoliant

I love this sugary goo! I received a sample of this in my prizes from the Lipglossiping giveaway in January. I got lots of goodies, but this is the best smelling thing I have ever come across! I only have a tiny bit left and I’m not using it up because every time I go past the bathroom I have to go and smell it! Creepy? Yes. But I don’t care!

Haus of Gloi are a company in the US who make lovely vegan soap/scrubs/lotions/perfume oils in original and unique scents.

This one is described as “Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.” I am not sure what lychee smells like, but I’ve noticed recently that The Body Shop have a lychee blossom range. I’ll have to go and have a sniff and see if that is what the gorgeous smell is. It does smell quite fruity, but not a sharp citrus scent, just a nice smell. I have no idea how to describe it.  My first thought when I smelt it was that it kinda smells like those shops that are full of candles and incense. It’s nice, but I can’t tell you what it is.

The product itself is a sugar exfoliant that contains sugar, shea butter and lots of lovely oils. You rub it into damp skin and it buffs away dead skin and emulsifies. When you wash it off you are left with really soft skin. The oils really moisturise my skin and leave a slight film. It doesn’t feel horrible though, it just feels like you have already moisturised. My skin has never felt this soft, especially on my arms. Also, the lovely smell of the product clings to your skin and you can smell it all day.

After 3 days I ordered myself a large pot of this and they also offer sample sized pots so I picked up a couple of them as well. I can’t wait till the pumpkin lotion comes back in stock next month, I really want to try that too.

Have you tried any Haus of Gloi products before? Can you recommend any of the scents they have? Some sounds lovely, but I’m a bit scared to try them! Also, how do you describe smells?! My description above is rubbish, I know. All you really know from my description is that I really like it :P

Also it was my kitty’s birthday this week! He’s now 2! I can’t believe it. It feels weird we got him when he was only 8 weeks old and he was a little monster, now he’s 2 years old and he’s a big monster! If you want to see some kitty pictures then check under the break. If not  don’t click that link, it’s kitten-tastic!

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Estée Lauder Crystal Baby

I picked up this lovely lipstick when browsing in Boots. The Estée  Lauder counter is just in the doorway ready to taunt me with it’s prettiness. I’ve never actually bought anything from Estée Lauder before, but thought I’d have a look at the Pure Colour Crystal lipsticks I’d heard were nice. I played with the display while looking my usual scruffy self and was watched intently by the staff. I must look like a shoplifter, I seem to elicit this kinda of response often! :s I picked up a rather well-used looking tester of Crystal Baby and it felt really soft and nice on the back of my hand. I really liked the colour too.

I must have, at some point, made a decision that I don’t have many everyday colours that I don’t need a mirror to apply because I ended up buying two that week! After buying Crystal Baby, much to the delight of my shop assistant watchers, I received my Mac Wonder Women order through the post. I realised that Crystal Baby is quite similar to Marquise d’. The main difference is that Marquise’d has a gold shimmer running through it, but they are both a natural and quite flattering colour on me.

Mac Marquise d’ – Estee Lauder Crystal Baby

Estée Lauder have wonderful packaging. I know you shouldn’t buy anything for it’s packaging, but if I was going to it would be something like this! The tube feels quite weighty and sturdy and just looks and feels of good quality.

This is Crystal Baby on my lips. My natural lip colour is quite purple (I’m quite deathly looking without any make-up on. With my dark circles, pale skin and purple lips…I was a good goth kid in my teenage years at least!), but this lipstick makes me look quite alive. It’s a peachy/pink colour and it feels really nice to wear. It’s quite glossy and can be easily applied without a mirror. This is definitely my favourite lipstick in terms of the formula, it just feels so nice on. I really like the colour for an everyday look just to make me look a bit more alive! I will browse for more of these lipsticks, but only as a treat, they are a little pricey (£18) for my student pockets, but they are great quality!

I’m so pleased I’ve had a day off and done no work at all today, it’s been really nice! The sun was shining and it’s started to get warmer, it was lovely. The only bad thing is I realised my garden is a mess and I need to sort it out before everything starts growing like crazy, nooo! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! x x x x