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Kreativ Blogger Award

Kenzie from Bumblebee Tuna gave me a blog award! She’s so lovely and she has a wonderful Etsy shop with lots of hand made jewelery! She also has a giveaway running at the moment if you want to check that out :) Thank you for the blog award Kenzie!

♥ You must link 10 blogs
♥ Tell them about the award
♥ Write 10 facts about yourself
10 Facts About Me:
1. I recently changed my surname by deed poll and I now have to fork out £90 for a new passport, eek!
2. I am applying to stay on and do a PhD in Psychology, against my better financial judgement.
3. I try quite hard to not look my age. I’m 4 years older than most students and I hope it’s not too noticeable! Pink hair helps.
4. I have a current obsession with wanting to buy and play a ukelele.
5. I have a couple of microdermal implants in my arms. Most people think they are for surgical reasons and I’m not sure why.
6. I have never left the country (except to go to Scotland). I’m going to France this summer for a psychology conference, so I’m quite excited. Although it’s in August, so it may be short-lived when I spontaneously combust when the heat hits me.
7. I really want to go to the Doctor Who experience in London, but I don’t want to go alone because that would be really sad.
8. I’m going to see Art Brut tomorrow and I’m super excited! I’ve painted my nails with the Sealand flag to celebrate.
9. I am convinced music through earphones sounds better than through speakers.
10. When I go dancing I only have one dance. It’s a cross between skanking and someone who is insane. Dance like no one is watching! :P

10 Blogs I Would Pass This Onto Are:
Jenni – nailpolishUK
Rachel - Radiant Makeup
Lauren - Lauren Loves
Rachelle - Behind The Shoes

Versatile Blogger Award

Christina over at Christina Marie says… has awarded me my first blogger award! Thank you Christina! It was very sweet of you, it’s a shame I can’t nominate you back, I love reading your blog :)

With this award comes some RULES:

- Say thank you and link back to the blogger who gave you the award.

- Share seven things about yourself with your followers.

- Pass this award along to seven blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.

My 7 things

1 I found out about beauty/nail blogging from Norman Lovett (yes, the comedian who played Holly in Red Dwarf).

Now stick with me it makes sense in the end. :P I love Norman Lovett and he was doing stand up at my uni. I went along and he was awesome and I even got a signed DVD :P Anyway, after seeing him I googled his website and found videos on there of his past work, including a whole series of a TV show called Asylum. Asylum was written by David Walliams and Edgar Wright and starred Simon Pegg and other famous comedians who were just starting out. The show had a house band called David Devant & His Spirit Wife. As soon as I heard the intro music I thought ‘This is my kind of music!’ I googled DDAHSW and found very little really as they never reached the fame they deserved. I found a lovely post about them on a blog (Funny Face’s Place) and some videos and then realised that the majority of the blog was beauty related. I liked to read all the posts and the rest as you say is history! From seeing Norman Lovett I have gained a new hobby and spoken to lots of lovely people and found out about a band who I now adore. So a big thanks to Norman Lovett! :)

2 I finally feel on track again.

I originally started a computing degree at a different university and met lots of awesome friends, but it was an awful course. I should have left after the first year, but I liked my friends so stuck around. When I started my second year I realised I’d had enough and was pretty fed up. My OH’s sister spotted a web developer job in the paper and I applied and got it, left uni and learnt so much in industry that I wasn’t learning at uni. Alas, it was only a temp job so after 6 months I was at a loss for what to do. I had prevously wanted to do a psychology degree, but decided against it as ‘I could get a better career with computing’. I decided to apply to do psychology a year later anyway, as I just wanted to do something I enjoyed rather than something I thought I might get a job from. Now I love it! I thought I was doomed, but I’m now in my final year of my degree and applying to stay on as a postgraduate student.

3 I have a crazy cat.

My cat is a total scaredy cat and he has such an easy life. He hates to be stroked unless it is on the top of the stairs where he has a dressing gown that he likes to snuggle on. He is really stroppy, if we go away for the day and have someone stay in our house or look in on him he won’t come out from under bed! I’ve been told by some friend who have had lots of cat experience that he is stroppy because he is half Siamese. Aparently they can be quite strange and they are socailable but on their own terms, which describes my cat quite well. He is weird, but I love him! :)

4 I am a tomboy who is quite girly.

I am girly in the sense I like make-up, but I like things that would be considered male based interests, such as sci-fi and computers.

5 I love to listen to music.

I listen to a lot of music, I am hardly ever without it. I have two different sets of music I listen too: I have my usual indie/brit pop/ska/punk music consisting of bands like Art Brut, DDAHSW, Interpol, The Cure, The Coral, Larrikin Love, Stiff Little Fingers and things like that. Then I have the heavier nu metal/rock with bands like Soundgarden, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle. I do listen to a mixture of other music as well, but I always go back to these two sets as they make me happiest! :)

6 I love sci-fi!

I watch a ridiculous amount of sci-fi: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, X-Files, Babylon 5, Futurama etc. I have lots of DVDs and only realised lately when I had friends over that if you don’t like sci-fi you can’t really pick a DVD to watch in my house. It’s ok there are many near by pubs to rescue such awkward social situations! :S

7 My current obsession is Twin Peaks.

I know I am very late on this. It was a series that started in 1990 and was a bit quirky and went cult. I has always wanted to see it and when I saw the series was being run on the horror channel I Sky+’d it. I’ve watched the first season and I love it. The story, the characters, the music, all awesome! My OH even bought me the music from the series for Christmas. If you like quirky cult classics, this is one to watch. I have season 2 and the prologue/epilogue movie in the post. It was meant to arrive on the 16th, but the post is late with snow/Christmas, the suspense is killing me! I hope it arrive soon!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Some these blogs I am nominating I have followed for quite awhile and some are quite new. I went through my rather large blogroll and picked some favourites. :)

1 Jenni is lovely and has a mostly nail polish based blog. She reviews polishes is a lovely funny way and I always enjoy reading her posts and comments.

2 Karen has a lovely nail blog also. However, because she is in the US I am extremly jealous of all the lovely polishes she finds over there! I love to read her thought on them and her army of snowmen!

3 Louise has a beauty/craft blog. She has such an awesome personality, I love to watch her Youtube videos, she is so funny! I am often sat at home alone laughing away to myself watching them. She is also quite creative and has tutorials on how to make things and she sometimes sells things she has made. I bought a lovely ring from her.

4 Lillian’s blog is the reason I found out all about this crazy world of blogging. She has just a cute style and always looks amazing and she loves DDAHSW!

Emma has a lovely blog and beautiful hair! I am very jealous! She has lots of reviews, different looks and outfits and videos. I always look forward to her posts and she has great music taste and often posts a music video at the end of her posts, reminding me of awesome songs I haven’t listened to in ages :)

6 Chloe’s Nails is a blog I only started following recently after seeing a link to a tutorial she had made on how to use tape to make patchwork nails. It was really good and she uses tape to make such awesome looking manis! I normally end up with polish covered tape stuck everywhere, even in my hair…not good! Chloe’s nails are lovely though and they look really professional, it’s hard to believe it was accomplished with tape!

7 Caz has a great beauty blog and she reviews lots of different make up. Her reviews often cause me to destroy my bank account!  She also has some really funky themed eye shadow days that look great!

Thanks again Christina for nominating me, I enjoy reading these little tag things. Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas so far! xxxx