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Tape Manicure Fail

I forgot about this post. It got lost in my drafts after I was in two minds of whether to include this tape manicure in a post, but then I went to the trouble of doing the hideous thing I might as well! :P

I threw out all my old top coats and bought a new one after this bubbly disaster! I saw a post a little while ago on Lipglossiping about Lumos top coat as a non-gloopy, non-shrinking alternative to Seche Vite. I ordered a mini bottle from eBay to test it out, only £3.50 including postage, bargain! I’ve been using it for a month and I really like it. In fact I’ve used half of the mini bottle already. I will definitely grab a full sized bottle next time and perhaps try their base coat too.

My previous attempt at taped tips (Principality of Sealand Nails) I really liked and it lasted over a week, so I thought I’d go for something similar.

I used Revlon Plum Seduction as a base, taped off the tips and used Models Own Snow White, taped off the tips again and used OPI Charged Up Cherry. I thought these looked ok together, kinda reminded me of candy canes! I like the white stripe separating the colours, but my application was a bit crummy this time. I have a very ridgy index finger nail and my tape refused to lie flat so my line looks rubbish. The rest of the nails weren’t too bad though. After a few hours I thought I’d add a top coat. BAD IDEA! All of my top coats have wronged me lately, either by being gloopy or shrinking my lovely polish! Only Models Own 3 in 1 had not incurred my wrath so I put that on. Moments later lumpy bubble city! I hate you crummy old top coat, to the bin I cast you all! Lumos is my only topcoat from now on :)

Have you tried Lumos top coat and base coat? What did you think? I’ve quite impressed so far with the top coat. I’m going to write a review on it now as I keep forgetting, but as my spoilers in this post suggest, I love it :P


Illamasqua Bacterium and Revlon Beach

I’ve been coding questionnaire data for a full two days. I feel like my eyes are going to fall out! I can’t really complain, it is easy money :) It was extra nice because I was offered to code the data unexpectedly, so I’m happy to grab myself some pocket money. I gave in my previous job last autumn to concentrate on my final year at uni and I’ve had to be quite money conscious this year. It’ll all be over in 7 weeks though! Scary stuff, I can’t wait :D It’ll be nice to have a job again :)

Here is a NOTD from last week when I had Bacterium on. Bacterium is a lovely and unusual colour, but when trying to decide what would go with it I wasn’t quite sure what to use. I have a lot of polishes yes, but I mostly have one of every colour and very few shades in between. Primary colours were not going to work with this little beauty, a neutral would be a bit boring, a glitter would be pretty crumby in the colours I have (pink glitter is a no no)…I needed something equally dirty.

I recently picked up one of the new Revlon scented polishes in Beach. It is a dirty, lime green colour so I thought it would match quite well. I was browsing these with my OH in toe and a girl from one of the make up counters started talking to us about the  new scented polishes. I explained to my OH that they smell like the colour, so coloured like bubblegum=bubblegum smell. I listed another couple than got the this one. Coloured like sick=smells like? I can’t go anywhere without embarrassing myself…

Anyhoo, I taped off my now rather long tips (you can tell when I don’t have to use a pen for awhile :P), and painted on some Beach. It covered Bacterium really well and I think it matches nicely. The polish in the bottle just smelt like normal polish to me, but I have a couple of the Rimmel scented polishes and they were the same and only seemed scented when the polish was dry. When Beach was dry it didn’t really smell, maybe I need a full manicure to smell it. I’m not really sure what Beach should smell like, maybe seaweed or salt water? I’ll put this on properly when I change my polish and I’ll do a proper review.

I know these are quite ugly colours, but I really like them together. I feel like they should be worn by a sludgy super hero baddie called Sludgelor! He dirties up people houses when they are out at work. Only the mighty Roomba can defeat him, mwahah! Ok, too much sugar for me, I’ll put the lollipops away…

Does anyone else have Beach? What does it smell of? I don’t know what it could be. I want it to be candyfloss and fresh cooked donuts, but I doubt that. I used to go to Skegness as a child and the best part about the seaside for me was the poor diet I would maintain all week and the donkey rides! I was quite disappointed when I moved to Bournemouth and it wasn’t the same kind of seaside as Skegness. It was more posh, with no donut stalls or donkeys! Very upsetting.

Also, where did the nice weather go? I had to wear my winter coat out in the rain today, I even had the heating on for awhile! I hope that you are all somewhere with nicer weather! Enjoy the rest of the week xxxx

Revlon Plum Seduction and CND Amethyst Sparkle

I bought this in my recent Boots haul. I bought Essie Bermuda Shorts awhile ago to match my hair, but it was a little too neon. I love Bermuda Shorts, but when I saw this I had to have it. It is very similar to Bermuda Shorts, but it is more of a non-neon cousin. It is called Plum Seduction, it doesn’t look very plum like, it’s more of a fushia pink/purple. Plum I imagine as a darker red/purple, but then again my hair dye is called Virgin Rose! Who names these things?! :P

I like Revlon polishes, I’m never sure why some people don’t rate them. I have quite a few, they all apply well and I like the bottle and brush. They don’t have a great range, but I like what they do have. This is two coats, applied perfectly and it has lastly 5 days before I chipped my thumb. I have hardly any tip wear, apart from the thumb, which is pretty hard wearing.

Here is me pulling some weird pose to show the colour match to my hair! This colour is a pretty good match, it lasts well and basically I love it! :D Now the problem will be getting me to use any other nail polish, I like this one too much!

After having to take this off because I chipped it, I was browsing for a new colour. However, I missed my purple nails so the compromise was to put the Plum Seduction back on, but with CND Amethyst Sparkle over the top. Here is how it looked. I should have put two coats on really as it looks a bit streaky at the edges, but I love the sparkle over the top! :) I’m often reluctant to pick the same polish after I’ve removed it, but this one I made an exception. Do you always feel that you have to change the colour of your polish every time you take it off? Or do you have favourites you are happy to wear over and over? :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’m glad it is here! I plan to write my literature review and for the first weekend in ages, just to relax! I have a couple of films I haven’t seen and plenty of things recorded on Sky+, I might even get my Christmas cards written! I received my first card through the post today! xxxx